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ICEFS organizers aim to provide an excellent international forum for interaction across the systems research community, appealing and useful to academic and industrial researchers, welcoming both students and seasoned professionals.

A list of Program Committee members can be found here.

ICEFS promotes experimental and practical research and welcomes both academic and industrial contributions, including the following topics:

  • Economics
    Economic System
    Economic Theory
    Industrial Economy
    Financial Economics
    Financial Econometrics
    International Economics

    Public Finance
    Financial market
    Monetary Banking
    Corporate Finance
    Financial Securities
    Finance and Taxation
    Financial Engineering
    Investment Economics
    International Finance
    Mathematical Finance

    Theoretical Statistics
    Mathematical Statistics
    Descriptive Statistics
    Inferential Statistics / Statistical Inference
    Statistics in Society
    Applied and Interdisciplinary Statistics
    Computational and Graphical Statistics
    Medical Statistics
    Pharmaceutical Statistics
    Spatial Statistics
    Agricultural Statistics
    Environmental and Ecological Statistics
    Teaching Statistics
    Data Management and Data Analysis
    Correlation Analysis
    Regression Analysis
    Random Variables
    Misuse of Statistics
    History of Statistics